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Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pa., Mary's working career was centered in New York in the cosmetic industry. After over 10 years with Estee Lauder as a make-up artist, event planner and account coordinator, Mary moved to the Adrien Arpel Cosmetic Co., where she worked as a Account Executive and Regional Manager.

Upon her departure from Adrien Arpel she worked for Christian Dior Co. as Regional Marketing Director. Toward the end of her career, Mary returned to Adrien Arpel as Executive Vice President. After deciding on early retirement in 2000, Mary left New York for sunny Florida. Since then she has been living in Naples. Within the last 2 years her interest in art evolved.

Mary enjoys painting with pastels, acrylics, and playing in mud. She uses mud as a background for most of her canvases. Mary loves the texture and various color tones she can achieve. Most recently she participated in the Naples Mural Project, along with fellow Naples artists. The mural will be traveling to Sarasota, Fl. to be on display in the near future.

 Most canvases are approximately 30"x 36"

Priced from $650-$850

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